10 Foreshadowing Moments You Missed In Your Favorite TV Series

There was once a time where television was seen as highly inferior to movies, but now with excellent writing, compelling stories and some of the bigge stars around working on the small screen, TV has matched movies in terms of quality content. With an ultimately longer run time and space to have fully fleshed character arc and plot pacing, TV can be more inventive and compelling than some movies out there and shows like Succession, Breaking Bad and (some of) Game of Thrones is up there with the best content of all time. One of the ways they provide quality content is through the use of foreshadowing.Foreshadowing is a plot device in which a writer or filmmaker gives an advance hint of what is to happen later on in the story, with the term being a play on the concept of a shadow appearing before an object and it has been used in fiction for centuries. Some of the best TV shows around like to use foreshadowing as an effective plot method, so we thought we would go back and take a look at some of the best instances of foreshadowing in some of the biggest and best shows around that you might have missed.

From hints towards major character deaths in Breaking Bad, small clues that pointed towards an upcoming major betrayal in Succession, how things came around full circle for a certain character in Game of Thrones, basically everything in Squid Game (such as the reveal of the real big bad), a certain character’s gruesome fate in The Walking Dead, the future mysteries of Lost, the killer hidden in plain sight in season one of True Detective, the name of the Mother in How I Met Your Mother, Buster’s lost limb in Arrested Development and a budding romance in Friends. These are some of the best moments of foreshadowing in television!

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0:00 Intro
0:47 Breaking Bad
2:11 Succession
3:50 Game of Thrones
5:33 Squid Game
6:40 The Walking Dead
7:06 Lost
7:50 True Detective
8:29 How I Met Your Mother
9:04 Arrested Development
10:00 Friends

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Written by: Aiden M
Narrated by: Justin Freitas @JustinFreitasVO
Edited by: Gullivar Du Katt

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