10 Actors Who Lied To Get Their Role

Today we’re talking about actors who told a fib or two in order to get big roles in movies and TV. In one of our previous videos on this topic, we talked about how Daniel Craig would lie about being able to ride horses to get roles, until one day he wound up having to actually learn in order to play his role in Cowboys & Aliens. Similarly, actress Phoebe Dynevor lied during her audition for the hit series Bridgerton – despite insisting throughout her life that she was scared of riding horses! This one turned out pretty well – not only did she wind up getting the role in a critically acclaimed Netflix Original, but she also wound up with a newfound love of horseback riding.

Another actor who landed a part in a major Netflix series is Sadie Sink, who plays Max in Stranger Things. As you might remember, a big element of that character is that she rides a skateboard. It’s the whole ‘80s tomboy thing. Only problem was, Sadie had no experience with skateboarding – which she did tell the casting director, only to be asked if she could roller skate. As Sadie says in interviews, this one’s technically only a white lie – she said she did, although she hadn’t actually skated in over a year. Still, she managed to get through her auditions, including one where a pair of skates sitting in a corner nearly made her slip up and admit the lie, and got the part. Hence uh… her being on this list. Not a whole lot of surprises on the outcomes here.

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