I LOVE 2.6 MINER CYCLE! UNDEFEATED! Clash Royale Pro Tips, Ale

Clash Royale’s 2.6 Miner Deck is back on the channel featuring pro tips provided to me by Ale. In this episode I’ll also ask you guys for IMPORTANT feedback regarding the future of my channel! Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below. I’ll read ALL the comments left on this video in the first 12 or so hours.

In this video we’ll review the recent win streak that Ale has racked up with the deck and focus on tips for success on both offense and defense. If you don’t have Log sub in Arrows OR sub out Rocket for Fireball and Zap for Log.

Ale Twitter – @AleClashRoyale

Ale Miner Control 34 Grand Challenge Win Streak video:

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