DEADPOOL, Make Me a Villain’s Assistant! (UCB Comedy Presents)

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UCB Comedy and Nerdist present Make Me A Villain’s Assistant, an examination of what it would be like to interview to be the personal assistant to villains and anti-heroes in pop-culture. First-up Deadpool.

Director – Matt Braunsdorf
Creator – Todd Bieber
Writer – Achilles Stamatelaky
Starring – Morgan Grace Jarrett, Justin Brown
Directors of Photography – Matt Braunsdorf
AC: Mia Braunsdorf
Visual Effects – Eric Yearwood
Costume and Art Director – Juliana Brafa
Assistant Art Director – Ann Carey
Editors – Jared Simon
Producer – Timothy Dunn
Sound – Melissa Diaz
Production Assistant – Grace Leeson

Executive Producer – Todd Bieber
Executive Producer – Julie Gomez
Executive Producer – Nathan Russell

Brought to you by UCB Comedy.

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