Porsche 901 and Porsche 959: Comparing Two Game-Changing Porsches

In just over 20 years, Porsche went from building its first 911s to creating the moonshot 959, replete with all-wheel drive, adjustable suspension, and a turbocharged flat-six that, in race capacity, was tuned to 800 horsepower. At the offer of Porsche, who flew over two museum specimens for the occasion, MotorTrend’s Jonny Lieberman does his best to track from one 1960s icon to a legend of the 1980s. #Porsche #Porsche 901 #Porsche959... Read More | Share it now!

Tesla Cybertruck Details Revealed—Range, Batteries and Towing

America’s truck buyers are a notoriously stubborn bunch. They are brand loyal and used to the old ways. So, what happens when a startup like Tesla releases a futuristic, stainless-steel-bodied, air-suspended electric pickup truck like the Cybertruck? MotorTrend experts Kim Reynolds and Christian Seabaugh dive in to the dirty details. #Tesla #TeslaTruck #Cybertruck... Read More | Share it now!

This Jeep Can SWIM! Best of “Tubesock” the Underwater Jeep | Dirt Every Day

There are few Jeeps as beloved on Dirt Every Day as Fred’s 1997 Wrangler TJ, commonly known as Tubesock. Tubesock has been through it all on Dirt Every Day. The brave little Jeep has been to Hawaii, he’s been underwater, and he’s crossed a river in Pennsylvania! Here are just a few of Tubesock’s finest moments. #DirtEveryDay #Jeep #Tubesock... Read More | Share it now!