The WAN Show – 5K monitors, VACancy, Free Gigabit Wifi in NYC – November 21, 2014

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Table of Contents (courtesy of Smile from the forum)

0:00:50 sharks vs dolphins
0:02:37 topic callout (CS players VAC banned, BitTorrent Paygate, Dell 5K monitor, Origin PC cases)
0:04:43 intro
0:05:00 sponsors (Lynda and Five Four Club)
0:06:47 OnePlus ignoring RMA requests
0:10:42 Keyssa’s “kiss connectivity”
0:15:52 Snapcash
0:22:30 Google can arrange and rearrange search results
0:26:50 LinkNYC free public Wi-Fi
0:31:07 Dell 5K monitor
0:37:02 Origin PC cases
0:40:18 sponsor spot – Lynda
0:43:54 sponsor spot – Five Four Club
0:46:42 Linus’s crowdfunding campaign with Q&A and updated reward tiers
0:57:12 Ubisoft keep on diggin’ about Assassin’s Creed Unity
1:00:22 Ubisoft removes FOV controls in pirated Far Cry 4
1:03:35 Linus’s original Storm Trooper rap
1:04:14 DRM keep on diggin’
1:06:50 Denuvo DRM degrades SSDs
1:09:28 CS players VAC banned and esports discussion
1:21:27 BitTorrent Paygate
1:25:33 t-shirt printing electronics
1:26:40 NVIDIA MFAA tested with GTX 980
1:29:35 Intel SSDs with 3D NAND
1:31:53 NY Times Square digital billboard
1:32:45 Luke loves blue screens on public machines
1:33:54 EIZO monitor with 1:1 aspect ratio
1:37:06 Luke’s energy outro