The Hella-Big Burger | #BeatMyBurger ep.3

A black pepper and fresh thyme criss-cross baked jacket potato forms the burger ‘bun’ here. This lacto-free and bread free burger is not for the faint-hearted! An impressively-sized beef burger seasoned with mustard powder and draped with a sunny side up fried egg sits in between. To cut through the richness enjoy slices of juicy beef tomato, some homemade cider vinegar pickled red onions infused with star anise, cloves and peppercorns and a generous dollop of creamy dill mayonnaise. You may need a knife and fork… but you sure won’t want to leave any on the plate! It’s elegantly trashy!

We’re on a quest to find the internet’s ultimate burger and this suggestion came from top YouTuber and all round brilliant creator, Grace Helbig. Check out the video here:

You can grab the recipe here:

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