Strangerland Review – From Sundance! – Cinefix Now

The CineFix team is bringing you reviews of some of the big Sundance films. Today, Cruz tells you about Strangerland, the new film from Australian director Kim Farrant, starring Nichole Kidman and Joseph Fiennes. Subscribe:

Strangerland is the latest in an Australian filmmaking trend of elevated genre movies. Strangerland is on its surface a thriller, but goes much deeper than that. Cruz will tell you what he thought of the film, and of the performances by Finnes, Kidman, and Hugo Weaving in it.

Are you hoping to see Strangerland if and when it gains a wider release? Are you a fan of literary movies, as Strangerland seems to be? Are you excited about Kim Farrant’s future work? What other Sundance movies are you hearing buzz about?

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