Should Star Wars Ditch George Lucas? – MOVIE FIGHTS!

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Trisha Hershberger (SourceFed), ComicBookGirl19 ( ), Nick Mundy, and Dan Murrell (Director & Editor of Screen Junkies) debate with host Andy Signore (Creator of “Honest Trailers”) over the following Movie Fights for the week of 1/25/15:

3:47 FIGHT 1 – Recast a comic book movie role
16:33 FIGHT 2 – Should George Lucas have any say in the new Star Wars?
27:17 FIGHT 3- Which film would have been better if its original director had made it?
40:00 FIGHT 4 – Best performance by a musician-turned-actor?
47:51 FIGHT 5 – What’s the best movie of 1995?
1:01:27 FIGHT 6 – Best use of product placement in a film?
1:04:32 FIGHT 7 – What film do you wish had bombed?
1:13:11 FIGHT 8 – Speed round

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Andy Signore, Dan Murrell & Jason Inman

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