See You Later, Alligator + More | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Here’s one of our favorite goodbye songs, “”See You Later, Alligator.”” This collection of kids songs also includes another great goodbye song for kids, “”Bye Bye Goodbye””, plus many more children’s songs and nursery rhymes. If you are looking for a goodbye song to use in your preschool or kindergarten classroom, or just at home with the family, give these a shot!

See You Later, Alligator 0:00:05
Bye Bye Goodbye 0:00:47
Let’s Go To The Zoo 0:02:29
Hide & Seek 0:06:09
Hello A, Hello Z 0:09:07
The Super Simple Alphabet Song 0:10:02
The Alphabet Chant 0:11:19
Goodbye A, Goodbye Z 0:13:04
How’s The Weather? 0:14:28
I Have A Pet 0:16:18
I See Something Blue 0:18:27
I See Something Pink 0:21:17
Mystery Box #1 0:24:06
Mystery Box #2 0:25:25
Mystery Box #3 0:26:44
Mary Had A Kangaroo 0:28:03
Rock Scissors Paper Fingerplay #1 0:30:45
Rock Scissors Paper Fingerplay #2 0:32:30
Skidamarink 0:34:15
The Animals On The Farm 0:36:31
Yes, I Can! 0:39:35
What Do You Hear? 0:42:56
The Hokey Pokey Shake 0:45:59
Who Took The Cookie? 0:48:37
Days Of The Week 0:50:35
Clean Up! 0:51:44
My Teddy Bear 0:53:18″