Is The Force Awakens The Best Star Wars Movie? – MOVIE FIGHTS

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Hector Navarro (Superhero News), Yancy Berns (Milk Way Blues), and Ken Napzok (ScreenJunkies Producer) debate the following topics with judge Andy Signore (ScreenJunkies) for the week of 12/22:

Fact Checker : Roxy Striar

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1 – Where does FORCE AWAKENS rank among the other Star Wars?
2 – What’s the worst part of FORCE AWAKENS?
3 – Best Character in the FORCE AWAKENS?
4 – Pitch us a short synopsis for STAR WARS EPISODE VIII
5 -The most asked fight of the month: Best Christmas Movie?
6 – It’s the Holiday’s, a time we spend with our families – What’s the worst movie to watch with your family?

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Andy Signore, Dan Murrell, & Ken Napzok