‘In the City of Sin’, ‘Playing with the Devil’ & ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ Fragrance Reviews

Lupe eXperiences 3 fragrances from the luxury house of by Kilian with a trinity of reviews.

‘In the City of Sin’ – 0:37
‘Playing with the Devil’ – 3:07
‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ – 6:21
Final Thoughts – 9:58

‘In the City of Sin’
TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Pink Pepper corns and Guatemalan Cardamom;
HEART NOTES: Apricot, Plum, Turkish Rose and Incense;
BASE NOTES: Atlas Cedar wood and Patchouli oil.

‘Playing with the Devil’
TOP NOTES: Litchi, Blood Orange, Black Currant and White Peach;
HEART NOTES: Pimento berries, Pepper, Bulgarian Rose and Jasmine flowers;
BASE NOTES: Mysore Sandalwood, Atlas Cedar wood and Indonesian Patchouli

‘Good Girl Gone Bad’
TOP NOTES: Jasmine, Osmanthus and Rose de Mai;
HEART NOTES: Indian Tuberose and ToXic Narcissus;
BASE NOTES: Amber and Atlas Cedar wood.

Fragrances Mentioned –
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