Highlight Reel #295 – Damnit Jaal I’m Trying To Work

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1. Nier: Automata – 2B pulling some Super Mario tricks – QDash GYT

The animals in Nier are like very depressing versions of yoshi.

2. Mafia III – let’s eat outdoors – ninjarabbit63
In Mafia III, while I appreciate how high-concept this outdoor diner is, the execution leaves something to be desired.

3. Hitman – Shotgun Launched Flying Explosive Bottle Double Kill – BernardoOne

In Hitman, Agent 47 with the deadliest bottle flip ever.

4. For Honor – When you REALLY want that kill – PhaseFlax

When you REALLY want that kill from forhonor

In For Honor….

5. Mass Effect: Andromeda – when you hit 88 mph – (direct file) Magifish

[No Spoilers] When you hit 88 mph from masseffect

In Mass Effect, 88 MPH

6. Mass Effect: Andromeda – I’m trying to work here – @heymermaid

God damnit Jall, I’m trying to work here

7. Overwatch – pro genji photobomb – (direct file) itssubhuman https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/65bdyi/pro_genji_photobomb/
Here’s Genji with the killer photobomb.

8. Overwatch – Grounded – (direct file) PermaBAN404​
Also in Overwatch, Winston is grounded

9. Titanfall 2 – serving up some laser core – Dofleini

In titanfall 2, here’s your daily dose of laser core.

10. Titanfall 2 – Round and Round – (direct file) Skanagar

Guess we could have kept running for a while… from titanfall

Also in Titanfall, round and round

11. PU Battlegrounds – I spoke too soon – CrReaM

In Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, CrReaM spoke too soon.

12. PU Battlegrounds – Calculated – Cyberliquid

Also in Battlegrounds, calculated.

13. PU Battlegrounds – GLITCH: Gotta Go Fast! – Thajo

Knuckles and knuckles and knuckles and knuckles and….

14. PU Battlegrounds – Deja Vu – Rustyshaft

I think they found a bug.

15. PU Battlegrounds – hi – Captain Zwoogy

Why hello there.

16. PU Battlegrounds – luckiest car double kill – Mr Spatula

Lastly today, patience pays off