Gettin’ Geeky With It! – CineFix Now Roundtable

The CineFix team to discuss all the movie news of the week. And by “all the news” we mean “all the geeky news” Subscribe:

First out of the gate, it’s Star Trek. Simon Pegg will write the next installment in the rebooted series (and also, y’know continue to play Scotty). With Justin Lin already directing, will it be Fast and Furious Hot Fuzz in space?:

DC Rumors abound – sounds like Batman may appear at or near the end of Suicide Squad pooosssibly launching a new stand-alone Batman movie??:

DC continues to hunt for a new Rick Flag in the Suicide Squad, after Tom Hardy’s departure. Gyllenhaal has declined, so CUE THE SPECULATION:
Since we recorded, looks like Joel Edgerton may be in contention (nice call, Clint!):

Also in the DC Universe, the Supergirl show on CBS cast a star – Melissa Benoist, recently of “Glee” and “Whiplash”:

George Lucas has stated that they didn’t use any of his ideas for Episode VII. So there’s that:

Also, the stand-alone Star Wars movie by Gareth Edwards is apparently considering Rooney Maray, Felicity Jones, and Tatiana Maslany (TATIANA FREAKING MASLANY!) as lead:

What did you think of all the geeky movie news and rumors this week? Do you agree with any of our picks for the Tom Hardy replacement for Suicide Squad? What about the speculation about Star Wars casting or an unannounced Batman movie?

Let us know in the comments below!

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