Doom (2016) – E1M1/At DOOM’s Gate Ft. Gabriel Leopardi (Guitar Remix)

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First time I tried to do something with E1M1 was way back in 2013 but I couldn’t figure out a way to make it more than just a straightforward cover plus there were already killer guitar covers of it from Charlie Parra and Erock. But after the reboot came out earlier this year (which is a lot of fun btw!), I thought it’d be cool to do an old-meets-new style remix of E1M1/At DOOM’s Gate. Mick Gordon’s work on the Doom soundtrack is incredible, great mix of drop-tuned guitars and aggressive synths; definitely recommend checking that out if you’ve not already!

Thanks to my friend Gab for helping me out on this one! Check out some of his links below and his band Cirse.

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And quick shoutout to “Death Culture Metal Production” for his awesome mixing tutorials.

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