What Superhero Movie Performance Deserves an Oscar? – MOVIE FIGHTS!!

Pick your FIGHT below! ▼▼
0:05:14 ROUND 1 What 90’s live action tv show deserves a movie?
0:22:00 ROUND 2 What superhero movie performance (that didn’t win one) deserved an Academy Award?
0:40:25 ROUND 3 Greatest Stallone performance?
0:56:04 ROUND 4 Greatest movie stunt sequence of all time?
1:13:41 ROUND 5 Who Should Direct a remake of Dan’s favorite film JAWS (Blind Fight)
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Does Belle from Beauty and The Beast Have Stockholm Syndrome?

Ah yes, nothing better than a good Disney conspiracy theory to brighten up your day. Does Belle have Stockholm Syndrome? Is Ariel a hoarder? Does Hal having action figures as a grown man mean he has Peter Pan syndrome?? In this episode, we sat down with a real licensed psychologist to talk about whether or not your favorite Disney characters are suffering from a variety of mental illnesses. ... Read More | Share it now!