Battle Ram/Poison/Miner | 12 Win Grand Challenge Deck

The Battle Ram works surprisingly well in this deck both defensively and offensively. I’ve reached 12 wins back to back with this deck. It’s often underestimated, and always catches players off guard when played offensively. Poison and Miner are the primary win conditions of this deck, while Skeleton Army, Inferno Tower, and The Log defend against everything else. Even if you don’t plan to use this deck, the tips in the beginning are helpful.... Read More | Share it now!

Clash Of Clans Developers “Divided on Engineered Bases” Q&A Breakdown!

Clash of Clans Developer Q&A will be read and reviewed by yours truly in this video. The questions we’ll go over range a variety of topics including Hero regeneration time to Engineered bases and their effect on matchmaking for Clan Wars. We’ll sort through the team’s answers and give our thoughts and feedback. Looking forward to hearing yours! ... Read More | Share it now!

Random Arma Bullshittery (part 7)

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