Building New Worlds in Protoplanetary Disks

Building New Worlds in Protoplanetary Disks
Dr. Andrea Banzatti, Space Telescope Science Institute

The study of planet formation in circumstellar disks has greatly advanced over the last two decades, especially after the first discoveries of planets around stars other than the Sun. While the existence of exoplanets and protoplanetary disks is by now a solid observational result, understanding the link between them is still a challenge both for theories and for observations. The talk will dive into the mystery of planet formation and address how planets may get their solid and gaseous constituents, as well as how they may be imprinted by the composition of the natal protoplanetary disks giving rise to a variety of different worlds.

Host: Ray Villard

Recorded live on July 1, 2014 at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, MD, USA

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