Alien Chestburster – Art of The Scene

A newborn Xenomorph bursting violently from John Hurt’s chest is one of the most iconic, and important, scenes in science fiction or horror movie history. A lot went on before and after Ridley Scott shouted “Action” – we’ll tell you the whole story. SUBSCRIBE:

Ridley Scott’s Alien is still one of the most terrifying horror films and interesting science fiction films in American Cinema history. From the humanizing, lived-in environment of the Nostromo ship, to the genius creature design, to the genuine surprise on the faces of the cast when the Alien chestburster bursted out, we’ll take you though all the elements that made this scene.

What did you think? Did we teach you something you didn’t know about the Alien Chestburster scene? About production design or creature creation? About Ridley Scott’s tendency to play mean tricks on his cast? What other iconic movie scenes would you like to see us dissect in future episodes of Art of the Scene?

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