Introducing Google Nose

We’re excited to announce our newest addition to Search: Google Nose. What do wet dogs smell like? Google Nose! How about victory? Google Nose! Try searching on Google for “wet dog” and explore other smells that people sniffed for, or visit to learn more. Happy smelling!... Read More | Share it now!

Linus Tech Tips Live Show Archive – March 29, 2013

12:31 Costco and manager pay
25:51 AMD 7990 and graphics card benchmarks are changing!
37:05 WD Mynet Routers sponsored segment
55:03 Linus talks about everything to do with ram
59:44 the new Activison engine is awesome!
1:07:20 AMD Sky – cloud based graphics cards
1:12:52 Windows Blue leaked and showcased
1:31:08 Rig(build) of the week!
1:41:00 Linus FINALLY tries android! COME TO THE DARK SIDE…we have jellybeans…... Read More | Share it now!

Behind the Scenes at HOT ROD Magazine! HOT ROD Unlimited Episode 30

Ever wondered what a job at HOT ROD magazine is really like? In this episode of HOT ROD Unlimited we take you inside the offices at HOT ROD to show you what goes in to publishing the longest running automotive magazine of all time. You’ll see the staff at work as we brainstorm new issues, work in the shop, shoot feature cars in the studio and drive our favorite cars. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it.... Read More | Share it now!