What The Sonic Cinematic Universe Will Look Like

The future of the Sonic the hedgehog franchise has never looked brighter. If you guys are fans of the series you know what I’m talking about, sonic has had his rough patches throughout the 2000’s and 2010’s but the 20’s look like it might be the decade of sonic. Might not be the best decade for the rest of the world but at least sonic is doing okay right? Right? Okay but in all seriousness, with the announcement of a third sonic film as well as a knuckles series for paramount plus, we might be witnessing the birth of a mini live action universe for the blue blur. In this video we dive into what exactly we could see in the future of live action sonic in film and tv. We start with some things that are most likely to happen then get into less likely scenarios but still in the realm of possibility.

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0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Metal Sonic
2:40 – Shadow the hedgehog
5:02 – Knuckles the series possibilities
7:00 – Adapting stories from the games
7:56 – Other characters that could appear
9:07 – Adapting stories from the comics

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Video By: Patrice Scott

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