This Is What Happens If James Bond Dies

What happens to 007 if James Bond fails his mission?
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You’re probably already familiar with the basis of this theory. It’s long been debated whether or not James Bond is simply a character that multiple actors have portrayed on screen, or if James Bond / Agent 007 is actually just the moniker donned by the latest secret agent to occupy the role. Perhaps it isn’t a name, but more so a title. The answer to this question has long been debated, but we may be close to a definitive answer. With another James Bond film in the pipeline, and it being announced as Daniel Craig’s last run as 007, it’ll be interesting to see what’s in store for everyone’s favorite super spy? Will they reboot it once again? Will they hand it off to someone else? If so, who?

In this video, we’ll really dive into the theory that James Bond is just a title, and talk about what that means for the franchise. What happens if James Bond were to pass away? It’s rumored that a female will be taking over the lead role of the franchise; will she be called James Bond? There are a lot of questions here, and we’ll do our best to deliver as many answers as possible.

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