This Carrot Chaat Is Inspired By Indian Street Food | Quarantine Cooking

Chef Niven Patel from Ghee Indian Kitchen in Miami is in his backyard cooking a Roasted Carrot Chaat. Inspired by Indian street food, this dish is a flavorful combination of different textures and spices. Niven starts with picking some fresh heirloom carrots from his backyard garden, before roasting them in a wood fired oven with salt and olive oil. He then works on the other elements of the dish: a cilantro chutney, cumin yogurt sauce, and crispy chickpea noodles. He brings it all together with chopped tomatoes and onion, tossing in the roasted carrots and topping it with the two sauces. He adds pomegranate seeds and herbs to finish off the dish, resulting in a bold and bright plate that’s filled with homegrown veggies.

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