The ZOOM Song – Brady Bunch Parody

A funny song about zoom meetings and what it’s like to work from home in quarantine
Stay safe and healthy everyone!
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The ZOOM Song – Brady Bunch Parody
Zoom and other video conference apps have been a great way for co-workers, family, and friends to stay connected during social distancing. It’s been a great way to stay in touch while we stay at home. However, these zoom calls are not without their own technical problems. So we thought we’d sing about them!

The inspiration of this video came from a Zoom call when Brian found out that his nephew didn’t know what the Brady Bunch, was he made a made a reference their conversation looking like the Brady Bunch while in gallery view, and thus a parody song was born. Wishing you and yours all the best 💙

Thanks to our amazing friends for recording and filming themselves from home to be a part of this video!

Lisa Foiles as Linda Foles

Katie Wilson as Pam Krasinski

Mari Takahashi as Karen Maeda
New NE6 Channel:

Joshua Ovenshire as Bill Jenkins
New NE6 Channel:

Ryan Tellez as Bryan Tejada
Brian Fisher as Jim Haverford
David Odom as Russell Rand
Michael Schroeder as Michael Michaelson
Michael Adams Davis as Drew Scathard

Written, Produced, and Edited by Brian Fisher

Music Produced by Taylor Fugit

A Warp Media LLC Production 2020

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