The Wolf Of Wall Street: The True Story Of Jordan Belfort

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These days it seems like every movie is based on a true story or some so-called real event. Just like the scenes depicted in these movies — filmmakers tend to get a little loose with the phrasing and use it as a marketing tool to lure viewers in. The same can be said for the 2013 hit movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”. With several Academy Award nominations and massive box office numbers — the film is known for its critical acclaim along with the record-breaking use of the F-bomb and some pretty wild party scenes. But between the intense speeches from Leonardo DiCaprio and scene-stealing presence of Margot Robbie — how much of the Wolf of Wall Street is actually real? From excessive drug use to and crashed luxury cars — we break everything down for you — including some glaring fictional additions and some true facts so disturbing you WISH they weren’t true.

Jordan Belfort started out at a stock firm which instantly closed down during the Black Monday event of 1987. The bad luck proved to be true fate as Jordan found success in the world of penny stocks and ended up making enough money to open his own stock firm. With a close group of friends and some wild antics, they rose, made millions, and scammed many people using a pump and dump scheme within their business. Jordan’s on-screen life is filled with a lot of crazy moments including yachts, helicopters, and luxurious cars. We will break down all of the truths related to the movie, Jordan’s book, and from many of the people actually involved with the story.

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