The OnePlus Hasselblad Hype: A Lesson In Licensing

If you’ve been on tech Twitter this week you may have noticed a bevy of bloggers and YouTubers sharing selfies with freeze-dried ice cream, sent over from smartphone maker OnePlus. I got one too: a phone-sized box packed with “a crunchy and creamy snack, ready to eat anywhere on the planet.” And more important than the way it tastes is why it’s freeze-dried in the first place: because it’s ostensibly “space ice cream”, a.k.a. ice cream for astronauts.

Why is OnePlus suddenly struck with space fever? The answer has to do with the company’s historically underwhelming smartphone cameras; an historically much more prominent camera company called Hasselblad; and OnePlus’s shrewd understanding of just how valuable licensing can be. Join me to see just how excited you should (or shouldn’t) be, in this MrMobile editorial video.



This editorial video was produced in response to recent leaks concerning the rumored OnePlus/Hasselblad partnership in advance of the OnePlus 9 / OnePlus 9 Pro launch event. MrMobile does not produce reviews paid for by the subjects of those reviews; OnePlus did not pay a fee or otherwise offer compensation in exchange for this coverage, and no company was given a preview of the content or offered copy approval rights concerning same.

MrMobile sought comment from OnePlus regarding the issues raised in this video but the company declined to comment for the record.


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