Sony Xperia Pro Review: Built For The Crew, Priced For The Stars

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Cameras. I use them every day; I rely on them; I even like a few. But there’s a reason I shoot so many photos and videos on phones instead of proper glass: simplicity. To me, the landscape of camera gear is a vast netherworld of overpriced and under-performing products – most notorious among them, external monitors. “Why,” I’ve thought on countless trips to B&H, “can’t I just hook my phone up to my camera, instead of dropping $500 on a thicker, heavier monitor that doesn’t last as long and needs its own set of batteries?”

Well it took a few years, but finally, someone built a smartphone that can pull double-duty as a monitor. Not only that: it also serves as a standalone studio to send 4K footage over 5G … live. The Sony Xperia Pro 5G is the long-awaited companion to the Xperia 1ii I reviewed last summer. I’ve just wrapped up ten days testing it to see if it lives up to its heart-stopping price tag; join me for MrMobile’s Sony Xperia Pro 5G Review!



MrMobile’s Sony Xperia Pro 5G Review was produced following ten days with a Sony Xperia Pro 5G review sample provided by Sony. Preproduction sample running pre-release software, tested on Verizon in Brooklyn and New York City, NY.

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