Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Review: The Best-Looking Chromebook, Rebooted

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As the name implies, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 is Samsung’s follow-up to last year’s Galaxy Chromebook … but contrary to what you’d expect, this is not a sequel in the proper sense. Because as Android Central points out: almost everything on this machine is actually a downgrade from the original. 

Last year’s 4K AMOLED screen takes a step down to a Full-HD QLED; the storage and the camera count are cut in half; the Intel processors drop by a grade at each trim level; and the embedded S Pen and fingerprint sensor are deleted wholesale. While the chassis that carries all this is still available in the signature “Fiesta Red,” it’s also slightly thicker and heavier than the first one. 

In short: this is a midrange reboot of the original, and from one point of view it’s a much more reasonable computer. After all, Chromebooks have built a big part of their success on being the better value, and by eliminating all of the sweeteners from last year’s thousand-dollar model, Samsung has dropped the entry price of the Chromebook 2 to a more palatable $549 … or in the case of my higher-end review unit, a buck short of $700. But in the very competitive thick middle of the ChromeOS market, is that enough of a discount to make the Galaxy Chromebook 2 a contender? Watch Michael Fisher’s review to find out!



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