OnePlus Watch Review: You Get What You Pay For

A few weeks ago, I reviewed the OnePlus 9 Pro and found a smartphone that delivers a lot, but asks too much in exchange. The OnePlus Watch is almost the inverse of that: it’s missing many features compared to the competition, but it’s also asking far less for the privilege. With a starting price of $159 it undercuts not just the Apple Watch, but also the Google-powered smartwatches I wear on a regular basis. The question is, does it sacrifice too much functionality in the process – or at least, that’s what I’d normally ask. After ten days with the OnePlus Watch, I’ve found that the real question is: what will this smartwatch look like when it’s actually finished?

You can find out yourself when it goes on sale April 14th, but take my advice: watch MrMobile’s OnePlus Watch Review first.



MrMobile’s OnePlus Watch Review was produced following ten days with a OnePlus Watch review sample (model W301GB) provided by OnePlus. Preproduction sample running launch-day software version W301GB_11_B.33. Tested with a Motorola Razr 5G.

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