OnePlus 9 Pro Review: Moon Mission

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OnePlus. For years following its 2014 debut the name alone conjured excitement among phone fans – first for value, then for features, and more recently a kind of middle ground between the two. Unfortunately for OnePlus, the words “excitement” and “middle ground” seldom go together … so this year, the company put another name on the only part of its new phone that “sticks out.”

To see whether that hump lives up to the hype of the 180-year-old brand name etched upon it, I drove 700 miles to the mountains of North Carolina so I could point the OnePlus Hasselblad … at another Hasselblad: a near-perfect replica of one of the most important cameras of all time — the one that brought us photos from the moon. I’m MrMobile and this is the Road Trip Review for the OnePlus 9 Pro!



MrMobile’s OnePlus 9 Pro Review was produced following twelve days with a OnePlus 9 Pro review sample provided by OnePlus. Preproduction sample running launch-day software version LE15AA.

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Thanks to Cole Rise of for lending his time, expertise and enthusiasm to the “road trip” portion of this OnePlus 9 Pro Review. Learn more about Cole’s space camera projects here:


Space Camera Co:

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A Photographer Made a Working Replica of NASA’s Moon Camera [Wired]:

David Imel on YouTube:

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Apollo 11 Image Gallery:


00:00 The OnePlus 9 Pro in Context
01:58 OnePlus 9 New Features
04:57 Road Trip Review
05:45 Meeting The Moon Camera
07:38 Hasselblad + OnePlus = Profit?
10:34 Conclusion



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