LG Wing Review: Phones Are Fun Again

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[LG Wing Review]

The LG Wing is just the kind of phone I’d feature on an episode of my “When Phones Were Fun” throwback series … if it hadn’t just debuted this month! Yes, while the Wing mimics the form factor of 2008’s VX9400, it’s very much a product of 2020, from its 5G chipset to its mammoth OLED displays to its surprisingly innovative Swivel Camera mode. In fact, reviewing the LG Wing was the most fun I’ve had reviewing an LG product since I started this channel – and not just because it involved wine tasting, either!

Still, $999 is no small sum, and the LG Wing isn’t a flagship so much as it is an experiment – a fact that becomes apparent when you look a little closer at the footage coming out of that special camera. To learn more, join me for MrMobile’s LG Wing Review!




MrMobile’s LG Wing Review was produced following one week with an LG Wing review device (North American model LM-F100VM) tested on Verizon in Brooklyn and Greenport, NY and points between. Preproduction sample running pre-release software.

MrMobile does not accept compensation from the manufacturers of the products he reviews in exchange for coverage; no payment was provided and no manufacturer or carrier was afforded a preview or copy approval rights concerning this content. The lone sponsor of the LG Wing Review is SurfShark.

Special thanks to David Cogen and David Imel.


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