Let’s Fix Superman Killing Zod in Man of Steel

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Movie making is a hard job. You put all of your heart into something and then people go online and say that your movie isn’t good enough. And while it’s not fun to hear criticism, especially from people who have never made a film and never will, at the same time that criticism is needed, at least when it’s logical.
Man of Steel is a film that came out in 2013, and about five years later, fans still argue about the film online.
Endless debates about every little moment between fans who love the film and fans who see it as a failure.
But we are not here to talk smack about Man of Steel, Zack Snyder or the hardcore fans. We are here to simply offer a potential fix to few aspects of the film, mainly the controversial scene of Superman breaking Zod’s neck, and killing him.
Whether you consider the film as a misunderstood masterpiece that only the true fans can appreciate or if you a fan that hate the film, or just thinks it could have been better, you got to admit that seeing Superman killing Zod by breaking his neck is a off putting.
Superman is a symbol of hope, and Superman usually doesn’t kill.
And so, in this video we will offer another take Superman killing Zod, and try to fix the scene and the character of Superman.

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