How To Make The Flip Phone Better (Again)

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I bought my first flip phone over two decades ago. The Michael Fisher of 2001 was a high school graduate about to move to college 500 miles away, still finding his place in a world where not having a phone permanently in your pocket was suddenly the exception, rather than the rule.

The inevitable nostalgia that springs therefrom helps explain why I’m so entranced by the new generation of flip phones, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Motorola RAZR 5G — and also, perhaps, why I’m so forgiving of the flaws that necessarily come with their bleeding-edge folding screens.

But for this episode of Into The Fold, I’m not here to re-recite all the reasons I love clamshell foldables. Instead, I want to talk about four things the modern flip phone needs to do better before it can return as a true mainstream option. And you might be surprised at how many of these ideas to reform the future … come from the past.



This is the tenth in a series of episodes exploring the many facets of life on a folding screen. From the best foldable phones of 2021 to the bleeding-edge world of folding-screen laptops, Into The Fold is MrMobile’s showcase for the most exciting movement in mobile technology since 2007!

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