How Spider-Man 3 Should Have Ended (REMASTERED)

How Spider-Man 3 Should Have Ended. REMASTERED with all its Original Art to preserve the HISHE episode as you remember it but now in an updated 4k playback. WHY DO THIS???? A few reasons….
I noticed that people were still commenting on the original recently and when I saw the original resolution was topped at 240p I thought, well that’s just sad. I’ve also been playing a lot of Spider-Man on PS4 so I’m in a serious Spidey mood right now. But mostly We’re re uploading to preserve one of our favorite episodes. So Please enjoy a trip down memory lane with one of our most special HISHEs. Originally created in 2007. It’s held a spot in our top ten bracket for as long as the channel has been alive. It’s the first episode we ever attempted a “from start to finish” style with multiple scenes in a short. And (what most people don’t know) this episode is the one that marks the decision to officially try and make HISHE my full time job and no longer be just a hobby. I was trying to make videos in my free time on the side best I could back then and because of that this video took around 6 months to complete. After Spider-Man 3, the decision was made to just go for it. Soon after that I left my job and went full time HISHE. Many of my personal friends came to be a part of this episode, and many of the names in these credits still help me create shorts today along with several new ones.

When I look back on this episode it makes me smile so I wanted to dust off the old project and upgrade it from the lousy 240p the original copy is in. (which wasn’t as simple as just hitting SAVE AS actually. I had to rebuild some shots, We don’t make’m like this anymore) Anyway hope you guys enjoy. And if you’re one of the people who remember the original version, Thank you so much for helping me take this leap in life.
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How It Should Have Ended

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