Cobra Kai Season 4: 25 Things You Missed

The original Karate Kid series was an 80s icon pitting young Danny Larusso against pretty boy and fortunate son Johnny Lawrence on the mats of the All Valley Under 18 Karate Championship. Who knew what high stakes a youth karate tournament could generate? It drove a generation of kids to the youth centers offering karate lessons in the hopes that they’d find their own Mr. Miyagi who would teach them the way of Miyagi-do karate and allow them to overcome their bullies in sanctioned tournament fights. The new streaming series that expands the ‘Miyagi-verse’ just got it’s fourth season examining the state of that rivalry decades later. In some way the roles are reversed as Daniel is a successful owner of a series of car dealerships while Johnny is struggling to get by. This season also introduces a key character from one of the wilder entries into the series, Terry Silver from The Karate Kid III. The maniacal millionaire who owes John Kreese a favor he can never repay takes another swing at dominating under 18 competitive karate in the San Fernando Valley. Coming with Terry are a lot of other hidden gems for the fans and people who grew up with The Karate Kid trilogy. In the ways Silver brings his particular brand of crazy villainy to hints at the creator’s side endeavors or even projects that he was involved in. Some of the throwbacks were less than subtle and some of them were trumpeted loudly. What was your favorite throwback? Let us know in the comments and while you’re there be sure to like and subscribe.


0:00 Intro
00:34 The Daniel Fund
1:08 The Cars
1:32 Fear Does Not Exist
1:57 Original Location
2:20 Bill Conti Score
2:51 Peter Cetera
3:30 Carrie Underwood
3:51 Eagle Fang’s Uniforms
4:11 Sounds Crazy
4:47 Borneo
5:19 Silver’s Style
5:58 Silver’s Money
6: 28 Silver’s Sociopathy
7:10 Quicksilver
7:42 Franchises
8:14 Karate’s Bad Boy Shout Out
8:52 Kamen Estates
9:29 Beer Summit Coors
10:04 Beer Summit Blue Moon
10:29 Beer Summit Ba Moui Ba
11:09 Bloodsport
11:50 Echoed Endings Injury
12:33 Echoed Endings Sudden Death
12:52 Echoed Endings Sweep the Leg
13:26 Echoed Endings Kata

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Written by: Ryan Carbrey
Narrated by: Nick Twohig
Edited by: @thisiszohair

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