All New! AliExpress Top 10 Sale Watches! Anniversary Sale March 2022

1. Guanqin GJ16199

2. Thorn GMT

3. North Edge Mars

4. Steeldive Tuna

And The 1970 Just In Case You Haven’t Already Bought One!

5. Sea-Gull Bi-Disc

6. Pagani BB Chrono

7. Escapement Time 35mm

8. San Martin Explore 36mm

And The Yellow One With Batons…..

9. Cadisen C8113

10. Merkur Big Eye

Or The Seagull 1963 If You Prefer…..

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Another sale, another Top 10 Round up. You would think this would get easier, but it doesn’t, it gets harder. Some nuggets here, I reckon, adn there will be three of them en route to Sydney when the sale begins on the 28th. Cheers! Jody