6 Cool, Goofy Features of Stern’s New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball Machine

We unbox the new Stern Premium TMNT machine (2020) and check out all of its new features.There was a turtles machine way back in 1991 by Data East made it, but other than the art, the old machine is not great. Stern’s new machine has a lot more going for it, but it still keeps that tradition of cool comic-book-y Ninja Turtles art as its best feature.

At the center of the playfield is a spinning disc with a magnet in its center. In Ninja Pizza Multiball, the magnet catches the balls allowing the disc to fling them like so many pizza slices out of a pizza box.

There’s also a pizza eating contest mode lit by this little target that has you mash this button on the lockbar as fast as possible to up your slice count.

Ninja Turtles features three ramps, including one only accessible via the upper left flipper. Two of the ramps can be fed back to either flipper thanks to the Raphael glider diverter, which switches position based on a press of the lockbar button. You can use this feature to loop fast ramp shots — it feels great.

The backglass features an HD screen with custom art and animations that are based on 3D models — while there’s no original vintage cartoon scenes here, the original theme song is used to full effect.

There are of course four ninja turtles, and you can choose to play as any of them. They each have unique bonuses, and also unique skill shots.

Nailing the right ramp qualifies Turtle Power Multiball. This multiball spews 4 balls onto the playfield out of a little door in the miniature van.

We can’t wait to spend more time with Turtles, and we hope you get to play it, too, when it’s safe and everyone is healthy and playing pinball again. Until then, you can add this to your home arcade, this Premium model with extra features, like that glider diverter, has an MSRP of $7699.

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