15 Foreshadowing Moments In The Star Wars Prequels You Totally Missed

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You know what is one of the benefits of creating a series completely out of order. Not only can you put the best parts out first, hooking people on your story so they have to watch all of the proceeding entries, but you can also retroactively add in some sweet moments of foreshadowing in the prequel films that you make later.

Seems that George Lucas realised this, as he managed to add in a lot of small moments that contained connections to future films and, of course, the original trilogy.

Is it foreshadowing if it is connected to something that has already happened? Pastshadowing? That sounds just a bit weird, though it is more accurate. Eh whatever, we’ll just go with Foreshadowing.

So let’s take a look at a handful of moments of foreshadowing that you may have missed, and see what they were trying to tell us.

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