What’s Your Mojo? Freddie Mercury, Hunger Games, Sci-Fi Movies Per Decade – Ep. 46

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Decade Defining Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Songs (playlist) – http://goo.gl/ndQ23v
Top 10 Movie Stunts – http://goo.gl/cBlhcv
Jennifer Lawrence Biography (UPDATE) – http://goo.gl/FF7Zbq

WatchMojo Throwback:
The History of Queen and Freddie Mercury – http://goo.gl/zCcoEF
Top 10 Classic Rock Bands – http://goo.gl/54VerI
Top 10 Queen Songs – http://goo.gl/k6kSFe
Another Top 10 Queen Songs – http://goo.gl/RmLu0w
Top 10 Frontmen in Rock – http://goo.gl/xFPbrS
Top 10 Outrageous Male Music Fashion Icons – http://goo.gl/fv3rQJ
Top 10 Grammy Snubs – http://goo.gl/iIIxBW
Top 10 Male Vocalists – http://goo.gl/IbYD5y

Here are the links to the Suggestions Pages:
Top 10 Pokémon Battles from the Animated Show – http://goo.gl/BOZPZI
Top 10 Movie Thieves – http://goo.gl/jTVUA9
Top 10 Worst Teen Movies of All Time – http://goo.gl/gYxHN9
Top 10 Worst Celebrity Baby Names – http://goo.gl/jbtrqo

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Top 10 Memorable WatchMojo Videos of 2014 – http://goo.gl/Sz2mWK
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Top 10 Fights in Nightclubs and Bars – http://goo.gl/TLCWh9
Top 10 ******* Mainstream Movies – http://goo.gl/HQCr8C
Top 10 Movie Stunts – http://goo.gl/cBlhcv

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