What’s Your Mojo? – Ep. 27: Planet of the Apes, Rio 2 Giveaway, Get to Know the Hosts

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Top 10 Director Trademarks – http://goo.gl/O3q9Ao
Top 10 Campfire Songs – http://goo.gl/KUyegw
Top 10 French Tourist Destinations and Attractions – http://goo.gl/6UYz3k

WatchMojo Throwback:
Planet of the Apes Franchise Retrospective – http://goo.gl/kDpUyP
Top 10 Famous Movie Yells – http://goo.gl/jpcpXQ
Top 10 Movie Apocalypses – http://goo.gl/GlmuTB
Top 10 Gary Oldman Performances – http://goo.gl/HTiWty
Top 10 Astronaut Movies – http://goo.gl/78WK7w
Top 10 Movie Twists – http://goo.gl/vRcf7f
Top 10 Movie Prequels – http://goo.gl/AflZQR
Top 10 Worst Hollywood Remakes – http://goo.gl/JoD1Uf
Top 10 Worst Movie Endings – http://goo.gl/lqJROm
Top 10 Unresolved Movie Cliffhangers – http://goo.gl/VSr0Yx

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Top 10 Video Game Tutorial Sequences – http://goo.gl/hBWKco
Top 10 Iron Man Armors – http://goo.gl/r0ynHh
Top 10 National Anthems – http://goo.gl/K2VXFK
Top 10 Modern Summer Songs (Bonus!) – http://goo.gl/22FWer

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Top 10 Memorable WatchMojo Videos of 2014 – http://goo.gl/Sz2mWK
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Top 10 Controversial Americans Abroad – http://goo.gl/4PhoSs

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