3.3 HOG FREEZE – THE CLASH GOD RETURNS! GuaNek’s Deck & Strategy

Learn Hog Freeze from one of the best players in the entire world in Clash Royale! That’s right! GuaNek is back on the channel. This time sharing his favorite Hog deck. It’s a FAST 3.3 elixir Hog Freeze deck (including pump). In this video we’ll take a closer look into the strategy and pro tips of GuaNek as he faces up against some of the world’s most talented players! Enjoy!... Read More | Share it now!

مجرم قيمز صار مجنون في المقطع ههههههه !! شوفوا ايش صار

شكراً على المشاهدة :) إذا عجبك المقطع لا تنسى تدعمني بـ”لايك” و “الاشتراك”
للإعـــــلان فـــــي قناتــــي
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رابط السناب شات : https://t.co/m47o7BHLPn
تويتر | https://twitter.com/MjrmGemz
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ياليت اذا المقطع عجبك ما تنسى اللايك والمفضله والنشر يا بعد راسي ♥... Read More | Share it now!