Ultimate Adventure 2019 Day 7 Recap, B-29 Crash Site and Epic View on Bald Mountain #UA2019

The last day of UA2019 didn’t disappoint with the group locking into low-range and pointing the vehicle noses at the top of Bald Mountain. Incredible vegetation, deep mud, and even some rock crawling are on this trail. A near rollover, a B-29 crash site from 1956, and an incredible 360-degree view were the reward. #UA2019... Read More | Share it now!

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Plenum…—Engine Masters Preview Ep. 51

Watch the full episode on MotorTrend: https://bit.ly/35nahxe
Well, maybe. This time on Engine Masters, presented by AMSOIL, we dive into what effect changes to your intake manifold’s plenum volume will have on your motor. We want to know if all of the Internet’s theories about big boost, big cubes, and/or big rpm needing bigger plenum volume really hold water. Will all of that increased volume really turn into increased power production or are you just creating hood clearance headaches? Watch as we go from straight out-of-the-box to out-of-the-bounds-of-sanity with this plenum volume comparison. #EngineMasters... Read More | Share it now!

Ultimate Adventure 2019 Day 6 Recap, Heavy Equipment at Alaska’s only Coal Mine #UA2019

We secured a guided tour of Alaska’s only working coal mine, the Usibelli Mine, where 1.5 million tons of clean-burning low-sulfer coal are mined. We gawked at the largest front end loader on the planet, learned how Usibelli environmentally restores the land once mined, and then hit the road for Wasilla’s super-cool Transportation and Industry Museum of Alaska where some of the most interesting autos and pieces of transportation outside the Lower 48 can be found. #UA2019... Read More | Share it now!