Star Trek Generations Deleted Scene 20: Alternate Ending 2

Another version of the alternate ending which has a rough cut of music not featured in the final movie. The most notable difference is the addition of some final words between Picard and Kirk. Picard claims he’ll find some way to contact to the Enterprise and reassures Kirk that he’ll be alright. Kirk wonders if they made a difference to which Picard replies they did and thanks him for his efforts. Kirk responds by saying it’s the least he could do for the captain of the Enterprise and finally dies. Picard then proceeds to bury him on the mountain and says a silent prayer.... Read More | Share it now!

Star Trek Generations Deleted Scene 17f: Alternate Ending 1

As Soran sees his last chance slip away, he rushes to the top of the mountain as the Nexus Ribbon passes through the atmosphere. Soran desperately tries to jump into the Nexus Ribbon, but ultimately fails. As Picard tends to Kirk, Soran angrily rushes them. Picard grabs Soran’s small phaser and blasts him in the chest. Ultimately defeated, the doctor falls to his death. As Picard looks down at Kirk, he dies without saying a word.... Read More | Share it now!

Star Trek Generations Deleted Scene 17d: Alternate Ending 1

From behind, Kirk knocks out Soran with a backhand to the face. Picard tells Kirk “there’s a control PADD on his belt!” Kirk grabs the device and inputs some commands on it, affecting the launcher for Picard. Waking up, Soran grabs a small phaser from his boot. As Kirk quips “the 24th century isn’t so tough” Soran shoots Kirk squarely in the back.... Read More | Share it now!