Mega Man 2.5D – Release trailer

Mega Man 2.5D is now a complete game! You can get it from our project website

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Trailer song (slightly different, working on getting the intro version up there too)

Things to try if the game doesn’t work (you can try and start the game after each step.)
1. Try the installer free version.
2. Install the XNA Framework (xnafx40_redist.msi) and .NET Framework (NDP462-KB3151802-Web.exe) located in the redist folder (only included in the installer free version).
3. Try uninstalling .NET Framework (Control Panel – Programs and Features – Look for Microsoft .NET Framework and choose uninstall) and then try reinstalling it again.
4. Delete the MM25DConfig.xml file located in the root of the game folder.
5. Edit the MM25DConfig.xml file in the root of the game folder and change the tag FullScreen from “false” to “true”.
6. Add an exception for MM25DGame.exe in your antivirus software or disable it completely.

Bugs / Crashes:
Currently we’re aware of 4 game breaking bugs (so far it looks like we’ve fixed 3 out of 4). We’re working towards having an updated version out this weekend that adresses these 4 bugs.

Bug 1: This one can very easily happen right now. If you die on phase 2 of the wily machine fight, it is very likely that the game may crash. So if you’re playing the current build (1.0), please try and make sure that you do not die on phase 2 of that fight. If you have e-tanks left during the fight, try getting through the fight even if you end up using all of them.

Bug 2: If you die near an active Shotman enemy (An enemy that is only in Time Man’s stage), the game may crash. This is actually the same bug as Bug 1, as the projectile that the Wily machine uses is based on the projectile that the Shotman enemy uses.

Bug 3: If you play co-op mode and Player 2 plays as Mega Man, then the game will crash once you reach a robot master boss fight.

Bug 4: If you die by falling into a certain pit in Wily 2, the game may crash. It’s possible that it is also a requirement that you’re on your last life for this one to happen.