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SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! We’re so excited to be at the Sundance Film Festival, we can’t even focus! We’re checking out a lot of cool movies. Today: Keanu Reeves in the Eil Roth-directed “Knock Knock” Subscribe:

Eli Roth is a brand in and of himself in the horror genre, with the Hostel series under his belt. So, is Knock Knock a fitting next step for him, beyond the graphic torture porn of Hostel? Is this a good addition to the Keanu Reeves oeuvre? Clint will give you the rundown.

Are you hoping to catch Knock Knock if and when it gains a wider release? Are you a big Eli Roth fan? Or a huge Keanu Reeves fan? What other Sundance films are getting buzz, that you’re hoping to see?

Let us know in the comments below!

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