How to Master WatchMojo’s Suggest Tool

Despite what our t-shirts say, WatchMojo will never run out of ideas. That’s thanks largely to the dedicated Mojoholics who use our suggest tool. Do you have a great idea for a top 10 list you’d like to see made? Here’s how to do it!
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1. Sign up for It’s free, of course, and you can use either an email address or your Facebook profile.

2. Use the search bar to see if we’ve already made a video of your idea: We’ve got a library of thousands of videos, and if we haven’t done your exact idea, we may have done one that is similar.

3. Search our suggest page to see if your idea has already been suggested: Great minds think alike! If someone already suggested your idea, skip right to step 6 and beef it up!

4. Create your suggestion: Give it a concise, snappy title, and put it in the right category using the dropdown menu. In addition to Top 10 lists, you can also suggest topics for Top 5 Facts, Versus, MsMojo, and our international channels!

5. Suggest some entries: If you are suggesting a Top 10 list, you need to suggest at least three entries. It’s okay if you can’t think of 10, other Mojoholics will probably fill some in for you, but the more you can put, the better!

6. Explain the criteria: Sometimes the point of a list isn’t immediately obvious, and needs some clarification. Adding criteria will help limit irrelevant entries. If there’s something that you think we should exclude, add it in here.

7. Make the case for your suggestions: This is your chance to explain why your suggested list items are worthy… or why other people’s aren’t!

8. Share the suggestion: Use the social media buttons to share it with your twitter followers and Facebook friends. If you know of a fan group that would want to have a say in the ranking, share it with them too!

9. Be patient: Not all suggestions are created equal, so a lot of them will never get made. Spamming us will not help. The ideas that do get made will usually take a few months before they appear online. So just sit back and wait. And while you’re waiting…

10. Raise your Mojo Rank: Every time you vote on lists, have your suggestions upvoted, follow other users, or get your suggestions turned into a video, you earn achievement points. Follow all the steps in this video and you’ll be on your way to becoming a MojoMaster… or even the elusive MojoOverlord! Being a top user could even win you some cool WatchMojo swag!

Thanks for helping to make WatchMojo great, Mojoholics!

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