Highlight Reel #291 – Titanfall 2 Execution Is Perfectly Timed

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1. Tomb Raider – Everyone do the wave – TheRakyero

In Tomb Raider, do the wave.

2. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS – When you gotta make it to the zone quickly – HappyyBG

When you gotta make it to the zone quickly from PUBATTLEGROUNDS

In PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, when you gotta make it out of the zone quickly.

3. Hitman – Going For A Spin – ThatIrishGuy

In Hitman, this guy goes for a spin.

4. Titanfall 2 – Shot Powered by Hopes And Dreams/Black Magic – Rokorin

In titanfall 2, Rokorin gets these two shots.

5. Titanfall 2 – Perfectly Timed Execution – (direct file) MrOneHundredOne

An Execution so well timed, it should have been in the DLC trailer. from titanfall

Also in Titanfall 2, this execution by MrOneHundredOne is perfectly timed.

6. Battlefield 1 – Politeness to the max. – The Prostate Adventures

In Battlefield 1, this is an extremely british way to go out.

7. Battlefield 1 – excuse me – Zbree937
Also in Battlefield, uh excuse me.

8. Battlefield 1 – Shoo – Jgod213

Lastly in Battlefield, Shoo.

9. For Honor – For Honor Headless Orochi fighting – Game Hunter

In For Honor, Orochi has a flesh wound.

10. For Honor – Pan4eluga
Also in For Honor, that’s what you get for bunching up like that.

11. Horizon Zero Dawn – don’t try to control me, Lance – DirkSquarejaw

In Horizon, try not to-

12. Horizon Zero Dawn – Very manly voice in Horizon Zero Dawn – Mirinbreaker

Also in Horizon, what a masculine child.

13. Horizon Zero Dawn – Why Horizon Zero Dawn is a 10/10 game – Michi Langdon

Lastly in Horizon zero dawn, this secret top tier mount

14. Mass Effect: Andromeda – melting character – Themandj

In Mass Effect Andromeda, this incredible melting character

15. Mass Effect: Andromeda – Happy Hunting – Jason Bowers

Also in Mass Effect, Your Funeral.

16. Mafia III – too many cops – Karbon

Lastly in Mafia III, the game produces a terrifying torrent of cops.