Ghost in the Shell – What To Watch Before You Die

Today, it’s an acclaimed and historic animated feature that explores the nature of consciousness and the mind. So make sure to download GHOST IN THE SHELL to your brain before you die. Or go totally cyborg. Either way. Subscribe –

Ghost in the Shell takes place in a dystopian cyberpunk future. Major Motoko Kusanagi’s a cyborg cop tasked with defeating the “Puppet Master” a hacker who can hack the minds of his victims to carry out real crimes for him. So, y’know, pretty straightforward.

Ghost In the Shell was the first anime feature that was targeted at international audiences, and is well worth the watch simply for its artistry, combining hand-drawn cell animation with early CGI graphics. Plus, it’s imaginative, and has spawned a universe of prequels, sequels, and soon: a live-action adaptation starring Scarlett Johansson.

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Have you seen Ghost in the Shell? Or other anime classics like Akira or Perfect Blue? What about the Stand Alone Complex, or the other Ghost in the Shell universe movies? What do you think of the prospect of the American Remake? Are you excited, dubious, or are you withholding judgement? What other movies would you like to see Mackenzie talk about on the show?

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