Age of Ultron Trailer Debate – MOVIE FIGHTS!

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Hal Rudnick (Host of “The Screen Junkies Show”), Spencer Gilbert (Lead Writer “Honest Trailers”) and Dan Murrell (Director & Editors “ScreenJunkies”) debate with host Andy Signore (Creator of “Honest Trailers”) over the following Movie Fights for the week of 10/26/14:

02:16 FIGHT 1: Who Will Dominate the 2015 Box Office – Star Wars or Avengers: Age of Ultron?
13:18 FIGHT 2: Best Keanu Reeves Movie?
18:00 FIGHT 3: Can We Take Johnny Depp Seriously Anymore?
23:25 FIGHT 4: Terminator Genisys: Should Arnold Be In It?
29:42 FIGHT 5: Do We Want a New Pee-Wee Movie?
35:40 FIGHT 6: The Nightmare Before Christmas: Christmas Movie or Halloween Movie?
40:03 FIGHT 7: Can A Movie Based On A Board Game Be Any Good?
45:29 FIGHT 8: Best Slasher Franchise: Nightmare on Elm St vs. Halloween vs. Friday the 13th vs. Scream vs. Child’s Play vs. Saw

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Andy Signore, Dan Murrell & Jason Inman

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