Samsung Notebook 9 Pen: On the Move with the S Pen

With every stroke of the S Pen, create exactly what you imagined. Whether you’re in the office or putting the final touches on your masterpiece, the Notebook 9 Pen will give you the flexibility you crave. Meet the laptop that will move with you on the go and pick up on all your detailed commands. Take your work to a whole new level. ... Read More | Share it now!

عجلة الدمار – عبدالرحمن الشيخي vs محمد السلطان #الكوميدي_كلوب

عجلة الدمار برنامج تحديات لهدف عدم الخسارة لان الخاسر حيختار من مجموعة من العقوبات المدمرة!!
تقديم: خالد عمر
ضيوف الحلقة: محمد السلطان وعبد الرحمن الشيخي
لا تنسى التواصل معنا عبر مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي لتعرف موعد تجارب الأداء القادمة
أو اتصل بنا: 0540902020... Read More | Share it now!

Get on the Alpha Comic Book Club Bus!

Whether you’re new to comics or a longtime reader, Alpha Comic Book Club is the place for all of your comic book knowledge. Join hosts Ashley Esqueda, Hector Navarro, and Damion Poitier each Tuesday at 6:00pm PT on Alpha as they cover the comics and graphic novels you need to be reading. Plus, comic book writers like Kelly Sue DeConnick, Phil Jimenez, Paul Dini, and Matt Fraction stop by the show to talk about their favorite reads. ... Read More | Share it now!